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The main purpose of this blog is to provide a space for myself and various contributors whom want to reflect deeper, after reading any of my books, so we all can share those thoughts, opinions and points of view with all the readers.

This blog also serves as a repository for all media records such as, book trailers, interviews and other videos that tell the story of my journey, as a writer.

I hope this compilation keeps you engaged and motivated to do your own reflections around these fascinating stories described in my novels.

Recent Blog Posts

Roots of the Relations Cuba─Venezuela

This morning, I read a fascinating article called, “Cuba for sale: Havana is Now the Big Cake and Everyone is […]

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Getting to Know Margaret, the Author

As a child, I remember feeling full of wonder as I looked around my local library. To me, that gigantic […]

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The versatility of Margaret Donnelly

By the time you read Margaret Donnelly’s third book, The Path of Lord Jaguar, you become aware of her versatility. […]

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Women and The Catholic Church

If you’ve read any of Margaret Donnelly’s books, you know she believes in the value of a strong female protagonist. […]

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Bolivar's Heart by Margaret Donnelly - Book trailer

Margaret Donnelly taps into the Quechua version of what happened to Bolívar’s heart in this thrilling story that weaves history […]

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The Path of Lord Jaguar - By Margaret Donnelly - Book trailer

A sacred altar dedicated to Lord Jaguar in Chichen Itza protects the people of the Americas. According to the ancients, […]

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The Song of the Goldencocks - By Margaret Donnelly - Book trailer

  HONORABLE MENTION – Best Historical Novel 2007 International Latino Book Awards, Book Expo, New York City.   After the […]

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The Spirits of Venezuela by Margaret Donnelly - Book trailer

A book that is a journey into Venezuela’s hidden world of magic and spirits.

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